IML - In Mould Labeling

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IML - In Mould Labeling

In Mold Labeling (IML)

With in-mold labeling (IML), the label is placed in the injection mold where the product is shaped so that it is permanently attached to the final product. This decoration method provides efficient styling and decoration in just one step.

Advantages of this technology

  • Efficient technology: production and decoration in one step
  • Numerous decoration effects: matte, rough, shiny or soft to the touch
  • High print quality (photo quality): Offset printing is used to produce labels
  • Resistant to humidity and temperature fluctuations: IML packaging is the best choice for chilled or frozen products
  • Low storage costs: One-step production and decoration, no need for prior storage for decor-free items
  • Quick design changes are possible: just changing the label is enough